Will GPT-4 change our behaviours with AI?

What we allready know

It are still rumours but if we may believe Microsoft Germany CTO Andreas Braun. The new model will be released this week. 

“We will introduce GPT-4 next week, there we will have multi-modal models that will offer completely different possibilities–for example, videos,” Braun is quoted as saying by HeiseMicrosoft is the leading investor in OpenAI after paying $10 billion for a 49% stake in the company and has integrated OpenAI’s technology into its Bing search engine.

Multi-modal AI systems can process data in the form of text, images, audio, and video. ChatGPT is the famed chatbot powered by large language models, specifically Generative Pre-trained Transformer models, and can only process text. ChatGPT was finetuned on GPT-3.5, a version that was quietly released in November.

Will it change our behaviour?

Well, to be honest about that. We believe that it’s a hype at this point. Yes, of course there will be improvements. But we don’t think the number of parameters used will increase from 175 billion to 100 trillion! This is ridiculous.

But we believe that the speed of searching is better and that there will be an increase in parameters used. But could you keep it reasonable? An improvement for the speech-to-text tool will be available, which causes of course great possibilities for the transcription of certain trained records. Putting the subtitles live on it will significantly increase live streamings (if we can shift the timing in video delay or if the speech-to-text application is fast enough). But this will need more time to give us the truth.

If this also impacts the open ai posiblities and features for Images & videos is not known yet.

But we are at this moment very sure that openAI will become in the upcoming years a true competitor for Alphabet and Meta. As non of the competitors is this far. so let’s see how Bing will operate once implemented. So yes, the race to change our behaviour is open.

Some tips when using AI

  1. Do your own research in advance.
    The model isn’t trained to give you all the answers. altough the data is limited up to september 2021 currently. newer data isn’t known yet by the open ai. But from our experiences it is better that you give input about the idea or concept that you want to write about.

  2. Know exactly what you want to have as outcome.
    And go into discussion towards the correct outcome. This can be a certain tone of voice. Or the length of the text or the audience age that you want to reach. it will change the outcome if you give this kind of info.

  3. Write, ask, rewrite, ask again, and ask alternatives!
    Don’t just copy paste it. Use your brains to get the best outcome. and use it to increase your own inspiration. But be aware the newest data is allready 1.5 years old.

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