5 Challenges for the broadcast industry in 2023


1. Changing Technologies

As the industry is changing towards a more software based industry. The knowledge of the engineers and the operators needs to change.

Altough every vendor has his specific strenghts. At this point there is no uniform way of working in each category. F.e. Vision mixers, graphic engines, broadcast controllers, …

This will change the industry in the upcoming years for sure. And from my opinion you will have young operators and young first line support where the 2nd and R&D will be senior experienced levels to give the support where needed. This isn’t that different from the actual way of working today but now everyone is doing everything. From specific projects till R&D of new installations. When we divide this into the future it will become more clear and transparant. And will give the experienced people a more stable way of working which is now also the way of working in the IT industry.

2. Importance of UX Experience

When we have a look into the IT/Web industry this is a more common use case when using the same type of application. It is easier for the users to adopt and the 

3. Making Broadcast sexy again

Some say young people are lazy.
Some say young people don’t know what they want to achieve in life.

Well I don’t believe that. I believe that senior people need to be a coach and stand behind their team as a mentor. 

We need to give the possibility to work remotly with the most talented people on this planet to certain High level events. Offcourse this causes certain security bridges that needs to be solved before adapting them into the real production world. But if we don’t believe it, we can’t achieve it. Step by step we can work towards this process.

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